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WE Transport Driver Awarded For Finding Sleeping Child On His Bus

WE Transport bus driver Hector Espinoza recently found a sleeping child on his bus while doing his post-trip inspection. His attention to detail prevented the child from being left in an unsafe situation and creating an unpleasant chain of events. WE Transport applauds his job performance, and in recognition of his work, awarded him a certificate of recognition and gift card for outstanding work.

All of WE Transport's vehicles are equipped with the Child Checkmate system to remind our drivers to walk to the back of the bus to check for any children who may be left behind at the end of each route. If the driver does not end his check by pushing the Child Checkmate button installed in the back of the bus, the vehicle horn will alarm.

Pictured below at the award presentation from left to right are Elmont Dispatcher Jose Acosta Velete, Safety Manager Marge Stolz, Elmont Terminal Manager Julissa Amaro, Elmont Bus Driver Hector Espinosa, and Elmont Dispatcher Dina Edouard Joseph.